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awning houston


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Fabric and Metal Awnings

Distinguish your home or business with a U.S. Canvas & Awning Corp. awning or canopy. A smart way to communicate your character, add beauty to your workplace, expand your space, provide energy-saving protection from the elements and offer a stylish welcome to customers, awnings and canopies create a handsome complement to your architecture.

Fabric Awnings

These are the classic awning styles that many home and business owners love. They have a looser, softer look than our welded frame awnings, and we have a huge assortment of canvas and other types of fabric for any taste.
With their highly technical characteristics, our awning fabrics adorn residential housing and commercial developments all over the state easily recognized by their immaculate style and sophisticated color palette, our awning fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, from canopies to back-lit and front-lit awnings.

Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are usually made of aluminum, copper, iron, or steel, depending upon the architectural requirements of the building. Usually, vertical metal panel awnings and window or door awnings are of solid, stationary construction of strong ribbed heavy gauge materials, for all-weather durability against wind, rain, and sun. Depending on the individual shape and configurations, the awnings may or may not have distinguishable sides. Aluminum awnings are available in solid or striped styles and in several attractive colors. Metal awnings are available in several distinct types, depending on the functional requirements of the individuals."

metal awnings houston

metal awnings houston


metal awnings