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Fabric and Metal Canopies

Our Custom canopies make a statement and add character to your property or event with a beautiful, custom designed canopy.  Canopies protect doors and window areas from the sun and rain, add dimension, texture and color, shaping your look and bringing style and panache to your space.

Fabric Canopies

Fabric canopies can provide all the great benefits that metal canopies do, such as protection from the elements and space expansion but has a softer look and there is a vast array of fabrics to choose from – really giving the canopy another dimension  and complimenting the décor of the home or business.

Metal Canopies

U.S. Canvas & Awning Corp. has been manufacturing and installing commercial metal and Aluminum Canopies for homeowners, management companies, apartment complexes and multi-family housing

U.S. Canvas & Awning Corp. offers a wide variety of options to meet all of your metal canopy needs. We manufacture our own metal canopies to insure the highest quality of materials that are are engineered for long life, easy maintenance, and increased value.

Metal canopies have a wide range of uses – protecting your customers from the rain and sun, expanding your space – providing a covered outdoor area for dining, creating a new income stream -  or perhaps you want to add a smoking area so that you don’t lose customers with the new smoking ordinances going into effect everywhere. We can custom engineer and install a canopy to fit your needs.

metal canopy

metal canopy

metal canopy

metal canopies