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Custom Shade Structures from US Canvas & Awning

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Seeking shade and beauty for an outdoor area? A custom shade structure is the perfect solution. US Canvas & Awning provides expertly crafted shade structures that enhance patios, pools, gardens, and more. Made right here in Houston, TX, their shade structures create comfortable, inviting outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Custom Shade Structures:

  • Protection from sun - Shade structures prevent UV exposure that can damage furnishings and fade fabrics.

  • Temperature regulation - Strategic shade helps regulate temperatures, reducing AC usage.

  • Outdoor living space - Shade structures allow you to utilize outdoor areas despite harsh sun.

  • Aesthetic appeal - From materials to shapes, shade structures add elegance to outdoor spaces.

  • Customization - Get a shade structure designed specifically for your unique space.

Custom Metal Shade Structures:

For incredible strength and modern style, US Canvas & Awning offers custom metal shade structures fabricated from aluminum. These structures stand up to sun, wind, and rain while providing contemporary design.

Custom Fabric Shade Structures:

Traditional custom fabric shade structures are also available. US Canvas & Awning fabricates using durable, water-repellent premium acrylic canvas in your choice of colors and patterns. Fabric structures provide versatility and classic appeal.

A custom shade structure from US Canvas & Awning allows you to enjoy your outdoor living areas while protecting what matters. Contact them today at 713-270-6153 or to have a beautiful, functional shade structure crafted for your unique space.

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