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Stylish Shade Sails from US Canvas & Awning

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A creatively designed shade sail can provide beauty, functionality, and elegance to your outdoor space. US Canvas & Awning offers custom shade sails to meet your unique needs with quality craftsmanship and endless design options. Discover how shade sails can enhance your home or business.

Benefits of Custom Shade Sails:

  • Aesthetic Appeal - From shapes to fabrics, shade sails boost style and visual interest.

  • UV Protection - Block harsh sun and UV rays while enjoying outdoor areas.

  • Temperature Control - Strategic shade sails help regulate temperatures naturally.

  • Versatile Shapes - Choose from standard to creative forms like scallops or drapes.

  • Durability - Crafted from durable, shade-resistant fabrics to last for years.


Every US Canvas & Awning shade sail is fully customizable. Choose your ideal shape, size, fabric, and mounting points. They can fabricate small triangular sails up to large sails covering full patios.

Fabric Options:

Shade sails come in standard Sunbrella fabrics or acrylic-coated prints featuring dynamic patterns. Water-repellent, UV-resistant fabrics in colors like terra cotta, navy, gray, and more.

Transform your outdoor living space with a custom shade sail meticulously designed and installed by the professionals at US Canvas & Awning.

Contact them today at 713-270-6153 or to get started.

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