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Custom Cabanas & Gazebos from US Canvas & Awning

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Want to add an elegant outdoor living space to your property? Custom cabanas and gazebos are excellent options for creating a shaded retreat in your backyard, patio, or deck. US Canvas & Awning offers custom outdoor structures made from durable aluminum or fabric. Keep reading to learn about their cabana and gazebo options!

Benefits of Custom Cabanas & Gazebos:

  • Outdoor Living Space - Cabanas and gazebos add a room-like outdoor area for lounging, dining, parties, and more.

  • Aesthetic Appeal - Attractive cabanas and gazebos enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

  • Weather Protection - Get protection from the sun, rain, and other elements.

  • Customization - Every structure is made to order based on your exact specifications.

Custom Aluminum Gazebos & Cabanas:

For a sturdy and stylish structure, US Canvas & Awning offers custom aluminum gazebos and cabanas. They use strong, lightweight aluminum that stands up to weather and resists corrosion. Aluminum cabanas and gazebos are perfect for creating a permanent outdoor living room.

Custom Fabric Gazebos & Cabanas:

If you prefer a cozy, traditional look and feel, custom fabric gazebos and cabanas are available. US Canvas & Awning fabricates them using premium, water-repellent 100% acrylic canvas material. Choose from solid colors, stripes, patterns, or custom prints. Fabric cabanas and gazebos add a welcoming vibe to your yard.

Why Choose US Canvas & Awning?

With over 32+ years of expertise, the team at US Canvas & Awning can help you design and install the perfect custom cabana or gazebo. Their structures enhance residential and commercial spaces across Texas. You can count on them for enduring quality, stunning designs, and professional customer service.

Cabanas and gazebos from US Canvas & Awning create an inviting outdoor oasis while adding beauty and value to your property. Contact US Canvas & Awning at 713-270-6153 or to request a quote for a custom cabana or gazebo uniquely designed for you. Invest in your outdoor living space with the quality of US Canvas & Awning.

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